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Research grants

About our grants:

St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation provides funding and support for research with a focus on improving clinical care.

St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation passionately believes that quality research underpins quality clinical care. We also recognise the difficulty that some researchers have in securing funding for new projects and the importance of providing the opportunity for clinicians to be involved in research.

The Foundation supports research on the St Vincent’s Darlinghurst Campus and the St Joseph’s Campus (Auburn).

The St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation grants are aimed at:

-Supporting clinical excellence through research
-Assisting researchers to develop research programs to gather data and enable eligibility for external grants such as NHMRC grants and government grants
-Supporting research on St Vincent’s Darlinghurst and St Joseph’s campuses
-Giving clinicians the opportunity to participate in research programs
-Strengthening the links between clinical care and research
-Providing funding for research to emerging researchers