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Our research

St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation provides funding and support for medical research across St Vincent’s Darlinghurst campus, with a focus on advancing patient care. We passionately believe that high-quality research underpins high-quality clinical care. 

The St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation grants aim to:

  • Support clinical excellence through research
  • Give clinicians the opportunity to participate in research programs
  • Provide research funding to emerging researchers
  • Act as a kick-starter for researchers to develop programmes, gather data and enable eligibility for external grants, such as NHMRC grants and government grants

We champion people forging the future of medicine

Since 1992, we have awarded over 400 grants to support medical breakthroughs. Here are some of our healthcare trailblazers:


Attacking prostate cancer : a game of chess


COVID-19: at the forefront of the long-term pandemic response


Making leaps in methods of treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases


Pituitary tumour: novel treatments for a rare intracranial disease


Giving advanced lung cancer patients a better chance


SVCF: Real research for real people


We empower people blazing new paths


Using zebrafish to study genetic causes of heart disease


Tackling Diabetes Treatment and Prevention


Better ways to protect a donor heart


SVH Heart Health: Bridging the Gap for Heart Disease Patients


Streamlining Allergy Testing in Emergency Departments