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2022 Research Grants

18 May 2021


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St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation contributes to COVID-19 research efforts with dedicated grant

8 Apr 2020

The $100,000 funding aims to support clinicians and researchers with the challenges of the pandemic

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Rare disease day: uncovering novel treatments for pituitary tumours

28 Feb 2020

Rare diseases rarely get much publicity. One might say it’s understandable because they are rare, but that also makes it ...

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Enhancing patient safety through enhanced clinical practices

29 Jan 2020

When people come to the hospital, they usually expect to get better. Unfortunately, hospital-acquired complications some ...

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Research is the fun of medicine – and its future

20 Jan 2020

What has marked the past 10 years for the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation? What lies ahead of us?

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How we bolster prostate cancer research

20 Nov 2019

This month, Movember is on everybody’s (upper) lips. As awareness around prostate cancer grows as steadily as moustaches ...

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New batch of inspiring research projects to kick-start in 2020

4 Nov 2019

Last week the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation awarded its 2020 research grants to talented researchers and practitioners, ...

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Giving advanced lung cancer patients a better chance

10 May 2019

Lung Cancer is common in Australia and the survival rates are poor. Every day, Dr Venessa Chin faces the dilemma of deci ...

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