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Meet our 2021 researchers set to blaze new trails

03 Dec 2020

St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation is very pleased to introduce you to its latest batch of research grant recipients and their work for 2021.

The projects of the successful applicants, selected from over 120 applications, range from uncovering novel therapies to transforming diagnosis pathways and advancing clinical practices. 

Excitingly, the largest annual grant is now funded by the donation of the Packer Family Foundation. Their generous contribution will ensure clinicians and researchers can continue to pursue strong research projects that will lead to better health outcomes. The $120,000 grant is now called the “Sister Mary Bernice, Packer Family Foundation Grant”, continuing to honour the legacy of Sr Mary Bernice, who was instrumental in the establishment of St Vincent’s Clinic and a good friend of the Packer family, while also recognising their tremendous support to the St Vincent’s group over the years.

“The Packer Foundation is incredibly proud to support the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation and contribute to promoting new medical advancements. If anything, this year has demonstrated just how fundamental research is. St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation has a track record of championing innovators that have a real impact on patient care, and we are very excited to be a part of that,” said Mrs Roslyn Packer AC. 

Here is St Vincent's Clinic Foundation new batch of grant recipients for 2021 - Read the projects description :

  • Prof Jerry Greenfield - Sister Mary Bernice, Packer Family Foundation Grant
    “Elucidating the immune and metabolic phenotype of autoantibody negative diabetes in adults”
  • A/Prof Richard Hillman - Kavan Research Grant
    “Trial of Individually Collected Anal Testing (TICAT)”
  • A/Prof Andrew Jabbour - Annual Research Grant 1
    “Implementing and Validating a Novel Method of Non-Invasive Detection of Cardiac Rejection for the management of heart transplant recipients using high field strength (3T) MRI imaging"
  • Dr David Herrmann - Annual Research Grant 2
    “Pinpointing and targeting novel drivers of pancreatic cancer progression, invasion and metastasis” 
  • Prof Reginald V N Lord - Annual Research Grant 3
    “Evaluating the performance of a three gene hypermethylation PCR assay for the diagnosis of oesophageal adenocarcinoma and high risk Barrett’s oesophagus”
  • Fr Darryl Mackie - Multidisciplinary Research Grant 1
    “The Impact of Indigenous Spirituality in Healthcare and Healthcare Decision Making”
  • Lauren Christie - Multidisciplinary Research Grant 2
    “ReCITE (Remote Constraint Induced Therapy of the upper Extremity): An implementation study"


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