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Welcome from our President


As the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation enters its 27th year, the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation has continued to champion uncharted medical research that impacts you and me. Research that impacts us all.  This year, not only do I take the time to reflect upon the incredible scope and volume of research we have already supported, but I also look to a future that is jam packed with new possibilities and projects.  You can gain further insights into our broadening direction and look at our Real Research strategy 2019-2023 which is already underway.

I am incredibly proud to be at the helm of this remarkable organisation that continues to endorse real research for real people. I would like to thank our Board of Trustees for their united commitment to our growing organisation and vision. I encourage you to help us continue to empower our research community to ask those important questions that could potentially shape health outcomes for us all.

I would like to thank our many donors and supporters.  Without their generosity and benevolent foresight, the Foundation would not be able to fund the valuable work our grant recipients undertake – as they set out each day to unravel medical mysteries; improve diagnoses, prevention practices, patient care and treatments; and, importantly, aim to discover possible cures.

Having been a Trustee on two separate occasions and a doctor working day-to-day in the specialised field of orthopaedics, it’s only when one looks back at the last 10 to 15 years that you really realise the phenomenal changes that have taken place in the medical world and patient care on a global scale.  Much of this is due to tireless clinical research.

With research funding levels well below what they need to be, the Foundation has an increasingly vital role to play in encouraging and supporting those hard-working doctors, nurses, lap technicians and clinical team who are committed to creating a brighter future for medicine and patient health and care by undertaking real research for real people.  This has a real benefit for every one of us – and those generations to follow.

Research can partly answer the question, or at least open the question up a bit broader, and possibly provide the answer.  And that’s the fun of medicine. Welcome. Explore our website. Get in touch with us.

Associate Professor Brett Courtenay, OAM