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Since its conception over 26 years ago, the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation has contributed to more than $16 million in funding towards creating a healthier world for all of us.  We support clinical research and education that inspires innovation in patient care and passionately believe that quality research underpins quality clinical care. 

We provide much-needed funding towards real research projects for real people including medical, basic and multidisciplinary research and those that also support bright young researchers who can put their research into real-world practise.

We recognise the difficulty that some researchers have in securing funding for new projects, as well as the importance of providing the opportunity for clinicians to be involved in research.

St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation grants are aimed at:

  • Supporting clinical excellence through research
  • Assisting researchers to develop research programs to gather data and enable eligibility for external grants such as NHMRC grants and government grants
  • Supporting research on St Vincent’s Darlinghurst and St Joseph’s campuses
  • Giving clinicians the opportunity to directly participate in research programs
  • Strengthening the links between clinical care and research
  • Providing funding for research to emerging researchers 

Click here for more information on our research grants.

With your help, we can ensure this vital research continues to unravel medical mysteries and prevention practices, improves patient care and treatments, and unlocks possible cures.